Artiestentoer Tervuren, 2017. Preparations continue!

It’s coming close and I have my number! I’m not talking about the lottery but rather my number for Tervuren’s artiestentoer 2017 which is from the 25th to the 28th May.… Read More →

The passing of time and a nuthatch in the woods


I’ve just come in the door and put up my brolly to dry, then I popped the radio on and caught the end of the following programme: It’s a… Read More →

Kittiwakes on a ledge

Kittiwakes at the Baltic Flour Mill, Newcastle

It’s great to go to Newcastle. I never get bored with walking around and taking in the atmosphere and that wonderful accent of the people you meet. Arriving on the… Read More →

Cassons framers, Tervuren

Joel Scharlach in his framing studio

Had a great morning this week with Joel at Cassons framers in Tervuren. He’s framing a couple of pieces for me for the upcoming Artiestentour 2017 at the end of… Read More →

Exciting news: Artiestentour Tervuren 2017!

That’s it, I’ve taken the plunge! I’ve signed up for the artiestentour 2017 in Tervuren. Every year artists in Tervuren open their studio doors to all art lovers over the… Read More →

“The artist creates the space for people to stop and think about life. “

My good friend Sebastian Urlica, interviewed me about my approach to art and has posted the result on his graphic design website [his portfolio]. He’s a guy who is always searching and… Read More →

Another Happy Customer!

Customer showing his purchase framed and on the wall

Another happy customer has sent me a message showing how my painting looks framed and on the wall. I’m really pleased and excited to share this as a happy customer… Read More →

Sketching in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a fine place to wander around and sketch. My main tactic is to mooch slowly and then flop on a terrace or in a bar and sketch what… Read More →

Weekend Normand

Village Breton, Normandie

Make time for your art! If I find myself sitting in a lovely Norman garden like I did the other day with an aperitif in my hand I can find… Read More →

Coffee in Périgord

Coffee in the Périgord

This sketch was painted with one of my best friends in my favourite café and now resides in Copenhagen with one of my favourite people. Share the love!