Spume and spindrift

Susan's waves

A friend of mine named these paintings tonight.

I like to get feedback from friends. In fact I’ll happily take feedback from anyone on my art. It’s up to me to sift through the comments, positive and negative, and to come to some conclusions but tonight my friend really hit the nail on the head.

Upon sending him the latest seascape artwork you can see below he commented, “The conflict in my mind is exquisite. The rational side of me says it’s streaks of paint, but it isn’t, it’s the freakin’ seaside.”

Ahhh, a like-minded soul. We then went on to wax lyrical about the intellectual stimulation of art and in particular for me, oil painting.

And so to the seascapes I painted… Beautifully named ‘Spume and spindrift I &II’ by my kind and perceptive chum.

Please let me know what you think in the comments. I’d be happy to sift through your thoughts and add them to mine.

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