Artiestentoer Tervuren, 2017. Preparations continue!

It’s coming close and I have my number! I’m not talking about the lottery but rather my number for Tervuren’s artiestentoer 2017 which is from the 25th to the 28th May.

Artiestentour 2017 flyer

Artiestentour 2017 flyer

I was very excited when I went to the local information area in Tervuren to pick up my goodie bag. Inside I found some fantastic posters and flyers which I’m looking forward to putting up and distributing!

Of course it’s not all plain sailing; I still haven’t ordered the hanging system I have chosen (let alone fixed that to the walls)! So I still have work to do but I am pleased at the progress generally.

I’m looking forward to it largely as it’s my first real expo so I’m keen to gain experience about portraying my work and gathering feedback from friends, neighbours and art lovers.

As a bonus I also learnt a new Dutch word! Here below you can see the ‘galg’ which I picked up. This is a sign for me to put outside my door so punters will find the house easily. It seemed to me a strange word at first, but on further inspection it’s ‘similar’ to its English counterpart. ‘Galg’ means gallows which seems to resemble the Dutch word and even more so when you consider the etymology of gallows. Gallows comes from the Old English word ‘galga’.

My profile page on the artiestentoer site is here and for those interested, my number is….21 (coming of age)!


One thought on “Artiestentoer Tervuren, 2017. Preparations continue!”

  1. Betty Boo
     ·  Reply

    Love the Artiestentour sign and number!! Coming if artistic age at last! Congratulations!!

    The German word for gallows is ‘Galgen’, which resembles ‘galg’ even more!!

    Sorry I can’t be at the actual Artiestentour but am sure it will go well, and will put you on the artistic map! Bisous

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